Vehicle Tracking

Systems that will save money, keep customers happy, lift productivity and protect your assets

 Lowers carbon footprint

 Helps secure your assets

 Steps up efficiency

 Improves driver communication

 Save on insurance

Value To You

Affordable, intelligent reporting and analysis of your drivers & vehicles, with no hidden start-up fees or long term commitments.

At Fuel Card Services, we offer years of experience within the automotive industry so understand the issues small and medium sized enterprises experience with managing a fleet day to day. We recognise rising operational costs hit SME’s hard with the ever-increasing need to meet costs, safety and targets. 

We are here to help when your employee drives off the lot, with Tele-gence vehicle tracking device, you will know what happens outside the office wall.

Now there is a concrete and accurate way to measure job performance and accountability on the road. There is now a way to verify a driver’s location at any given time, and check the vehicle is being used for authorised purposes.

Tele-gence vehicle tracking devices, introduce a new way to save money, keep your customers happy, lift employee productivity and protect your assets.
The added benefits of all this transparency is that any insurance firms now offer discounts to companies if they use tracking equipment to prove that they drive safely, so you could save a small fortune in premiums.

Your company is also delivering on environmental care, cutting down on CO2 emissions, because the GPS unit can help suggest services that are nearer, and more importantly, provide the quickest route.

For My Business Advantage customers, we can source telematics solutions, that fit your business and are suitable for all vehicle types, cars, vans, LCV and HGV. This powerful little solution will reduce accidents, increase driver security, track expenses and vehicle maintenance while streamlining your processes.

Simply register your details to become a member and the process is simple. After a few comprehensive questions, just to clarify your requirements. Specifically, what types of information and data are important to your operations and we will get the right vehicle tracking device for your business needs.
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