EPoS Systems

Leading EPoS system providers will quote for your business, no obligations.


 Handle calculations involved in sales

Accept multiple currencies with in-built currency converters

 Integrate credit and debit card payments

 Smart EPoS systems equipped with recommendation software

 Efficient sales and stock tracking

Value To You

Save time by letting us negotiate for the best EPoS system. This service is 100% free and there is no obligation.

We interact with Electronic Points of Sale (EPoS) every day: from the moment, you get a sandwich at the shop, buy a cinema ticket, or even pay the dentist for fixing your smile. An EPoS system will have made a record of your transaction and fed it back to accounts, marketing and the decision maker. An EPoS system is the hardware you see in store, a centralised computer linked to receipt points, chip & PIN devices and barcodes. It’s also customised software that will monitor your overall business performance. Naturally, upfront set-up costs are expensive; but, don’t let that put you off this essential tool for growing your company. My Business Advantage, can introduce you to EPoS system providers who can negotiate better terms for you.

We can source you the best price to suit your budget, from the hundreds of EPoS system providers across the UK, saving you the hassle and time too. This service is 100% free and there is no obligation.

Simply register your details to become a member and the process is simple. After a few comprehensive questions, just to clarify your EPoS system requirements, we will get the best candidates in front of you. They will then compete and bid for your business. Isn’t that great?

More importantly, to help you make the right choice, we provide you with a handy service user’s guide. This will detail everything from basic considerations for your business to the types that are available and how to get the best from them. Whether it’s to focus on growing your business, understanding your customer’s decisions or managing your team’s productivity, using this guide will give you a much clearer idea of what you want from your EPoS system.You’ve got a great business idea; but, to capitalise on it, you need funds. Although the prospect of securing funding can seem daunting at first, there are all sorts of different ways to finance your start-up idea once you know where to look.
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