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Value To You

Our research figures show that MileageCount can reduce business mileage claims by up to 21%, and save as little as £3.50 per month per driver.

Is managing the mileage of your fleet a big issue or are you quietly confident your drivers are following the correct procedures? Have you noticed some of your drivers make more trips than is necessary? Are all your vehicles being used for a mix of business and personal journeys? Does all this mileage reporting take too much time? Is it really a major concern? If it isn't, it should be. The HMRC can investigate your business mileage, at any time, and the inspectors are only satisfied by complete accuracy: ask any fleet manager already hit with a six-figure fine.

My Business Advantage introduces its sister company My Fleet Solutions. Our in-house solution, is known aMileageCount. It is a smart, automated system for recording and reporting every mile of every journey in any vehicle. Accurate, dependable, and effortless, its all-in-one software makes it easy to record, manage, process and submit mileage records for all owned, leased and “grey” vehicles used for your business.
These devices count every business mile automatically and accurately, maximising savings and minimising exposure to fraud. My Fleet Solutions then makes it easy to manage all reporting, shrink expense claims, reduce fuel spend, ensure duty of care, and meet your HMRC reporting guidelines.

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