Finance training

Understand your numbers with the Profit Learning Portal

 7 series video on the fundamentals of getting the numbers right for your business

 Discounted access to portal packed with training, tools & resources

 Increase your understanding of your business finance

Value To You

The free series of video’s and discounted access to the Profit Learning Portal is worth over £100.

Understanding the real workings of your business can be invaluable


We’re all busy people but that doesn’t stop us having spare capacity. Whether that’s too much stock, empty rooms or seats, advertising space, the use of a system or platform or the chance to leverage more of your own time.

This is where the BBX trade exchange platform comes in. A BBX Account is a secondary bank account that enables a company to sell otherwise worthless spare capacity, without discounting, to guarantee additional customers provided by the BBX account team.
You’ll be guided through Pricing Do's and Don'ts, The truth behind Cash Flow, common Invoicing Dilemmas, Cash Management, the importance of Financial Reporting, effective Budgeting and finally eliminating Financial Waste.

But if you’re looking for something more then Advantage also gets you discounted access to the full Profit Learning Portal.

A seven-module toolkit to help you get up to speed on the seven key finance areas that you need to understand to avoid making many of the common mistakes made in business; Understanding Your Balance Sheet, Understanding Your Profit & Loss Statement, Managing Your Cashflow, Profitable Pricing, Break-even Analysis, Business Planning and Budgets. Understanding these areas is vital for building a profitable, successful and enduring business.

The seven key modules to this portal are supported by video content for each module (37 videos across all 7 modules) and includes a comprehensive workbook with case studies, worked solutions and in total over 35 downloadable tools and templates to help you in your business. The combined value of the provided tools are more than £1,000 alone!

This portal enables you to learn and understand these areas from the comfort of your own home or office without fear of feeling embarrassed or being judged by others. It’s a resource you can refer to time and time again.

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